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Day 58
Day 45

My first portrait of my son. I have been so scared to go there, because especially when they are your own, they are so precious and perfect. I didn’t want to ruin that. Today’s #marchmeetthemaker is supposed to be about me, but I am not really in the mood to show my face today! What is hard about these challenges is finding ways to be on, when you are off! So, I thought I would show this instead! It was painted with my handmade watercolors. I am going to offer custom portraits through my website, soon. Sign up for my newsletter to be notified when they are available!

Day 43

I have been off my game keeping up with posting on the blog. But I have been keeping up on Instagram! I am horribly busy in my studio getting ready for art fair season. Until today I have been watching my kids and working past midnight. I have been exhausted. I finally have a nanny to help. So, starting today I should be better.

Day 37

Well, I suck at today’s #marchmeetthemaker prompt, the dreaded flat-lay! I am so jealous when I see a cool one. I will keep trying. In the mean time, here are a few pictures of the pieces I have out today.

Day 26

Well, I made it over the first hump. And I am so proud of myself. Even though I haven’t said much, I said a lot more than I wanted to. Doing a 100 day project that is something that you don’t enjoy doing is HARD. Last time around I found it meditative and comforting. This time around, it is daunting and challenging. But I love it too.

I have such severe anxiety, that it is painful to talk about myself sometimes. I am widely known as the girl who doesn’t talk. Even on social media it is hard. It seems silly, but the anxiety is real. This project is helping me face fear, and also figure out how to articulate things that I have never had the opportunity to speak out loud. This project is helping me get to the next step, which is being a better educator. I am excited.

Thank you all for listening and following along on my journey! #my100daysofwritingsomething

Day 16

We are buried under snow right now. Well, not literally. But it is snowy, and cold, and miserable. While painting this, I thought of glistening snow surrounding a crisp fallen leaf. I tried to find peace it. It made me look out the window and reflect on nature. I thought about how my children look at the world with fresh and wondrous amazement. My use of glitter is meant to imply this innocent way of looking at the world.

I mustn’t forget that the world is glorious.

Art Fair Season is almost here!

I am only doing 3 fairs this season, because I have 2 little ones at home, and it is a lot of work to leave them. Visit me at these locations, and say hi! I will have a huge collection of work available, that you can only find if you visit me at one of these fairs. If you can't make it or you missed me, be sure to check out my gallery. I now offer custom works, too. 

Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Fair in Bronson Park, Kalamazoo, Michigan - June 1st- 2nd

South Haven Art Fair, South Haven, Michigan - June 30th-July 1st

KRASL Art Fair on the Bluff, Saint Joseph, Michigan, July 14-15th


#the100dayproject / My 100 Days of Color

For years I have painted in a monochromatic style, or with a limited palette. In the spirit of #the100dayproject, an Instagram challenge that encourages a creative project for 100 days, I am focusing my attention on color. For this special project, I am keeping each painting I make, and will display them as a collection at the end of 100 days. Follow my journey on Instagram!! 

I have received a lot of inquiries about these paintings, though, so I want to make them available to you! That is why I am offering you a limited time opportunity to purchase a painting like the ones from my series. Your painting will have all of the characteristics of the paintings listed, but each one will be handmade specifically for you. You will receive the painting ready to frame in a 5''x7'' mat. I also offer custom framing options. 

New Painting of a Luna Moth