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Day 58
Day 16

We are buried under snow right now. Well, not literally. But it is snowy, and cold, and miserable. While painting this, I thought of glistening snow surrounding a crisp fallen leaf. I tried to find peace it. It made me look out the window and reflect on nature. I thought about how my children look at the world with fresh and wondrous amazement. My use of glitter is meant to imply this innocent way of looking at the world.

I mustn’t forget that the world is glorious.

Day 4, My 100 Days of Writing Something

Today I went to the Ann Arbor, Matthaei Botanical Gardens to pick up artwork that was in a show there. I took the time to visit the gardens to find some inspiration and take reference photographs.

I bought some Gwen Frostic prints of insects in the gift shop. I will share in my stories tomorrow, as I know my fellow bug enthusiasts will enjoy.

Now, I am just painting moons in my studio.

I now offer custom works!

I have been doing custom work for quite some time, but now it's formal. If you are interested in hiring me for something custom, please visit this page and let me know what you have in mind. Thank you!!