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Day 26

Well, I made it over the first hump. And I am so proud of myself. Even though I haven’t said much, I said a lot more than I wanted to. Doing a 100 day project that is something that you don’t enjoy doing is HARD. Last time around I found it meditative and comforting. This time around, it is daunting and challenging. But I love it too.

I have such severe anxiety, that it is painful to talk about myself sometimes. I am widely known as the girl who doesn’t talk. Even on social media it is hard. It seems silly, but the anxiety is real. This project is helping me face fear, and also figure out how to articulate things that I have never had the opportunity to speak out loud. This project is helping me get to the next step, which is being a better educator. I am excited.

Thank you all for listening and following along on my journey! #my100daysofwritingsomething