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Day 49

Today’s #marchmeetthemaker is #photography! It’s hard for me! Especially because my paintings are sparkly! But I think I am getting better at it 😬I have a couple cameras, but I’ll be honest, I usually use my phone. I try to take photos from different angles and kind of light to give the feel of the piece. My work is always best experienced in person, though

Day 11

Oh boy, this writing thing is hard to do when life interferes. That paired with finding writing difficult to begin with, I just don’t wanna do it! But I must. And I will. Because this is kind of important to me.

So, now I am sick too! Sore throat and misery all over. Rose is still sick. Brennan is cranky, but I don’t know. My pediatrician informed me that kids under 2 can get sick 10-14 times a year! And this is the back-to-back season for babies. It’s been rough, to say the least.

I won’t say anything will be back to normal soon. Because with two toddlers, nothing is ever normal.

What is normal, anyway.