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Day 8

I don’t know what to write about today. There are a lot of ideas running through my head. But also nothing in particular to go on about. I mostly took care of Brennan and Rose, and ran errands during the day. In the last hour, I was finally able to finish the new series of moons. I will post them on my website later this week.

Day 3 of My 100 Days of Writing Something

Why the moon? Because the moon is something that we all share. No matter where you are in the world, we all live under the same moon. Ever beautiful, like a jewel in the sky, uniting us.

I started painting simple references to moons with my insects, to give the paintings movement and imply environment. In my mind, the insects are all striving to reach one place, the source of light. Striving for the light is something I think a lot about, when painting. To me, all of my insects are either moving towards or away from this light. You decide.

Last year I made a collection of solitary moons, and I can’t seem to stop painting them! Like I said yesterday, it is one of the things I need in my studio at all times. The moon is part of my story, and it is part of yours too.