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Hello to Myself

Alright, here we go. I am notoriously inconsistent at Blogging, so I have steered clear of it for the last several years. Now, after reminiscing over my Instagram account and realizing how cool it is to look back and see my progression as an artist, I admit it's time for a more formal way of documenting my life, process, and ideas. 

Here are two portraits I made years ago. The subject matter are Armenian women who were kidnapped and displaced during the Armenian Genocide in Turkey in the early 1900's. These women were taken by nomad tribes, and were tattooed on their faces. Later, some were released to their families. My grandmother knew of these women, who were her mother's age. 

The portraits were made by degrading an image over and over again, and then scanning the degraded image and piecing it back together again digitally (much like a puzzle). The final product was a hand pulled, 4 color Lithograph made from the digital image.