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Day 35

Today starts the fabulous @Joannahawker's #MarchMeetTheMaker! I usually participate in this challenge, because it gives me awesome things to talk about! And it is a wonderful community. I suggest you follow the hashtag, because you will discover all kinds of creative and unique businesses out there (folllllow it). 

Today's prompt is #favouritetomake! This is a hard one for me to answer in a simple way. I am by no means a purist. I like to make all kinds of things that fall in the realm of fine art. And I just go with the flow when it comes to what I do. I mostly enjoy making watercolor paintings with adornment. I enjoy making my own materials, though. So it's all mixed media. I guess that's what I would say about it? I used to be a printmaker, and I am getting back into that. I also like working with metal and jewelry.