More information about commissioning an artwork 

  • I ask for full payment up front on any project under $500. Believe it or not, artists get burned ALL THE time when they don't do this. I will get started on your project right away, and I will send in progress photos throughout the entire creation of the piece. If your project falls over $500, you will receive different terms.
  • The reason commission work is more expensive than my other work, is because it is more work. There is a lot of research and communication involved and this takes more time. 
  • Please understand that my work is primarily ink painting on paper, with other adornments like gold leaf, metallic pigment, glass, and glitter. I feel most comfortable working with these materials. I will consider working on panel, but please understand that this will change certain aspects of the work, and it will alter the price of the piece. I might have an idea to use a new material, and if it is dramatically different than what I usually do, I will confer with you first. 
  • My works must be framed under glass. I offer affordable framing options and will include this in the invoice. If you have your own framer, just let me know! Sometimes that is the best way to do it! I would be happy to ship the piece to you unframed, but I also offer the convenience of having the work framed for you. 
  • Offer me the inspiration, but let me be the artist. Trust that I will make you something unique and special. Please be as verbal as you want to be in describing what you have in mind. I will use this as inspiration to create a truly unique artwork for you. 
  • I will do my BEST to help incorporate certain colors if you have preferences. Just please be verbal about what you have in mind, and understand that some things are hard to replicate.