Blue Morpho in a Butterfly Antique Frame

Blue Morpho in a Butterfly Antique Frame


Last year I kept saying it was the year of the luna moth. This year it is the year of the blue morpho. They have been my most requested painting of the year, and you can understand why. It was so inspiring to design the special blue ink that was used on this piece.

This painting was made with handmade watercolors. My watercolors are extremely unique, because they are made out of various textures and found materials. I use semi-precious stones, mica, glass, glitter, and antique beads. I adorn each piece with gilding (gold, silver, or copper leaf). This piece is gilded with 18k gold leaf.

This piece is framed in an antique frame. I tirelessly collect these antique frames. This is a beautiful round, brass frame that has butterflies cut out of it. It is approximately 3’’x3’(inside) and 6’’x6’’ outside’. Ready to hang on your wall.

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